Meet Serena

Many moons ago, when I rocked my babies to sleep, I would close my eyes tight and say to myself, "Never forget anything about this moment". Remember the smell of her sweaty hair and the way his chest rises and falls.  Never forget the way his belly sticks out over his trunks or what he calls his favorite toy. Never forget.

Those feelings led me to begin the journey of Bleu in the winter of 2012 when my babies had entered school and I had less time changing diapers and wiping mouths and more time to love on others.  I feel lucky to to have helped so many never forget their moments and I look forward to the chance to help you never forget your moments, too.    

I am a mama to 3 awesome kiddos and wife to an amazing guy.  I live in Goddard, Kansas and I work in Wichita and the surrounding areas.  I love ALL things Target. (how do I need everything in that store?) I adore my daily coffee with too much cream. I am seriously addicted to the  Outlander series.  (How can you not LOVE Jamie Frazier?) And finally, flea markets and junking hold a special, sentimental place in my heart.  

I can't wait to meet your moments.

Come laugh with me.

- Hugs, SS

A Few of my Favorite Things