Investment: Bleu Kiddos & Families

The picture with everyone looking and smiling. You know the one I'm talking about. The "perfect" one. All the kids look happy and harmonious. Lets not even pretend that mom and dad haven't been fighting the entire way there. You know, it's the one that you think you want. But you dont...not really.  

You want the one that's laughter and fun. The one where little man is picking his nose. The one where sis is twirling and imagining her life as a dancer. The one where your husband is looking at you like it's the first time and the 100th time. These are the things that we want to remember. The ones that make our hearts soar because at that moment in time, we were just "us".

Each session, I encourage moms and dads to let the kids play. For the time we have together, let's sing about princesses and talk legos. Let's chat about our lives in the moment. Let's focus on us. When you let all things fall away and forget that I have a camera around my neck, magic happens...and you'll love it.

Come laugh with me...and just be us.


Bleu Kiddos is a child session for up to 45 minutes.
Session includes three kiddos and 20+ images
with print release.
 Price is $225 plus tax.

(Additional kiddos are $25 each)

Bleu Family

Bleu Family Mini is up to 20 minutes and
 15 images with print release.
Price is $225 plus tax.


Bleu Family is up to 45 minutes and
 20+ images with print release.
Price is $300 plus tax.

Bleu Family

Big Bleu Family is an extended family session
and includes up to 90 minutes and 50+ images
with print release.  Photo disc or digital download
for each family.  Price is $425 plus tax.